Penta Business Enterprise

Annual account feeAccount fee
588.00  €
Cash withdrawal
Cash withdrawal note
5x free cash withdrawals worldwide per month. Additional withdrawals are charged with 1.50 €.
1.50 €
  • Bank offers English registration form
  • 2 User Accounts & Mastercards
  • 10€/month discount for companies in formation
  • Suitable for Startups
  • Free card payments in the euro area
  • Integration of Accounting Software
  • Free of charge Mastercard Credit Card
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Penta Business Enterprise
Grade 1.0
Yearly Fee
13 of 15
Onlinebanking & -fees
22 of 22
Telephonebanking & Offline banking
0 of 6
0 of 5
Credit Card & Bank Card
13 of 14
Card payments
12 of 20
Mobile payments
0 of 3
Flexibility of legal types
11.5 of 12
Apps, Useraccounts & Deposit Insurance
18 of 19
1 of 2
Accounting, Billing & other features
10 of 10
100.5 of 128
Grade 1.0
Bank Solarisbank AG
Vendor name Penta Fintech GmbH
Account name Penta Business Enterprise
Annual account feeAccount fee 588.00 €
Credit interest
Costs & Fees
Annual Fees
Account fee p.a. 588.00 €
Credit card fee p.a. 0.00 €
Transaction fees
Online transactions free of charge p.M. 600
Online transactions 0.20 €
Paper transactions
Telephone banking
Payment costs
Credit Card Mastercard
Fees per payment euro zone 1.00 %
Foreign exchange fee 1.00 %
Cash withdrawal costs
Free Withdrawals p.m. 5
Cash withdrawal (domestic) 1.50 €
Cash withdrawal (euro zone) 1.50 €
Foreign exchange fee 1.50 €
Legal forms
Freelancers & Sole Proprietors
Sole proprietorship
Sole traders
Corporations & Limited Companies
GmbH / KGaA / AG
UG limited liability
Limited (Ltd)
Partnership under civil law
Kommanditgesellschaft (KG)
General partnership
Partnership company (PartG)

Penta Enterprise is a business account for young companies of all legal forms. Penta is not a commercial bank in the classical sense, but a start-up from the FinTech sector. The young company has its headquarters in Berlin. The declared goal is to offer small and medium-sized companies a business account in several variants that are reduced to the essential services.

Services of the Penta Enterprise business account

The account ensures the processing of cashless payment transactions by means of bank transfers. Up to five users have access to the account, a maximum of five Mastercards may be applied for. The basic fee includes 300 SEPA transfers per month and an unlimited number of card payments. Withdrawals of cash by Mastercard are possible worldwide. A bank card is not provided, nor is a overdraft facility granted.

For whom is the Penta Enterprise business account suitable?

With the Enterprise Account Penta would like to address preferably young enterprises of all legal forms, which are already a little established. By issuing several Business Mastercards and providing access to the account for several users, Penta Enterprise is primarily of interest to companies with several shareholders.

Prices & Conditions of the Penta Enterprise Business Account

For the Penta Enterprise business account there is a fee of 19 Euro per month. The credit card is free of charge, for the withdrawal of cash worldwide costs of two percent of the turnover are charged. The minimum fee is two euros. Companies in formation can use the start-up tariff of nine euros.

Special features of the Penta Enterprise business account

Interesting is the integration of further services that may be necessary for a young company in its start-up phase. These include, for example, the execution of transactions in a foreign currency, automated accounting and payroll accounting. Factoring can also be carried out. If desired, the Penta Enterprise can be used as a second business account. This is useful if a company has already opened a business account that does not offer certain services or offers them for a fee.

Penta Enterprise business account: Advantages and disadvantages

The clear and unambiguous price structure deserves special mention. The enterprise account is subject to a fee; the total price covers all costs for account management, for issuing Mastercards and for access by a maximum of five users. The only additional costs are for withdrawing cash with Mastercard. The account holder therefore knows exactly what charges he has to expect in each case. The account is managed on a credit basis, a credit line is not granted. Thus the Penta Enterprise comes very well into question for account owners, who may not open a business account with credit line due to an entry in the Schufa. The comprehensive customer support in German and English is also a positive feature. Negative is that no cash deposit is possible for the enterprise account and that no bank card is available. This is due to the fact that the company has no branch structure and does not cooperate with other banks when it comes to cash supply. As Penta is only a FinTech and does not hold a banking licence, it is not possible to set up a overdraft facility, although this may be necessary at the beginning of the business activity.

Open Penta Enterprise Business Account

The opening of the Enterprise business account takes about 20 minutes. The account holder must enter his personal data and details of his company. If a shareholder agreement or list of shareholders exists, this must be submitted. The identification takes place via VideoIdent and is done within a few minutes. After two to three bank working days the Penta Enterprise is opened, so that the Mastercards can be ordered.

Conclusion: The Penta Enterprise Business Account

The Penta Enterprise is well suited for young companies that are growing and are looking for an account that is inexpensive and easy to calculate. The cost structure is transparent and understandable, so that you know exactly what fees to expect each month. In addition, Penta consistently does without services that cost money and are not absolutely necessary for a start-up.

Other Penta business accounts are Penta Basic and Penta Advanced.

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