N26 Business

Annual account feeAccount fee
0.00  €
Cash withdrawal
Cash withdrawal note
If the account has a regular cash income of over 1,000 €, than there are 5 free withdrawals per month, else 3 free withdrawals per month. Withdrawals outside of the Euro-Zone are free of charges by N26.
0.00 €
Interest rate p.a.
from 8,9 %
  • Bank offers English registration form
  • 3 free euro cash withdrawals per month
  • 0.1 % Cashback on all payments with Masterard
  • Subaccounts help you organizing your cashflow
  • Free of charge Mastercard Credit Card
  • Not available if you already have a private account at N26
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N26 Business
Grade 1.4
Yearly Fee
15 of 15
Onlinebanking & -fees
22 of 22
Telephonebanking & Offline banking
0 of 6
4 of 5
Credit Card & Bank Card
13 of 14
Card payments
16 of 20
Mobile payments
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Flexibility of legal types
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Apps, Useraccounts & Deposit Insurance
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Accounting, Billing & other features
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Grade 1.4
Bank N26 Bank GmbH
Account name N26 Business
Annual account feeAccount fee 0.00 €
Credit interest
Interest rates on overdrafts (based on credit score) from 8,9 % p.a.
Costs & Fees
Annual Fees
Account fee p.a. 0.00 €
Credit card fee p.a. 0.00 €
Transaction fees
Online transactions free of charge p.M. Unlimitiert
Online transactions 0.00 €
Paper transactions
Telephone banking
Payment costs
Credit Card Mastercard
Fees per payment euro zone 0.00 €
Foreign exchange fee 0.00 €
Cash withdrawal costs
Free Withdrawals p.m. 3
Cash withdrawal (domestic) 0.00 €
Cash withdrawal (euro zone) 0.00 €
Foreign exchange fee 1.70 %
Legal forms
Freelancers & Sole Proprietors
Sole proprietorship
Sole traders
Corporations & Limited Companies
GmbH / KGaA / AG
UG limited liability
Limited (Ltd)
Partnership under civil law
Kommanditgesellschaft (KG)
General partnership
Partnership company (PartG)

N26 is one of the young providers of banking services. The company was not founded until 2013. The aim was to offer mobile banking at a reasonable price. The aim was to address either private or business customers. The preferred target group today is the self-employed who want a free checking account with the most important basic services.

Services of the N26 Business Business Account

The Business Business Account of N26 covers the most important services for freelancers. Withdrawing cash from ATMs in euros is free of charge, as is paying in any currency. There is an attractive cashback system for purchases, provided they have been paid for via the account. Private and business payment transactions can be processed jointly via the account. To use the free Business Mastercard, all transactions are sent in real time as a push message to the mobile phone. In this way, card payments, transfers and direct debits are displayed and automatically divided into categories.

For whom is the N26 Business Business Account suitable?

The N26 Business Account is suitable for self-employed and freelancers who want to use their account primarily for business purposes. If you want to open an account with N26, you are not yet allowed to be a customer of the provider. This means that the parallel use of a private and a business account is not possible. In addition, the main residence is limited to one of the countries where N26 is currently on the market. These include, among others, Germany and Austria.

Prices & Conditions of the N26 Business Business Account

N26’s business account is free. Account maintenance fees are not charged. Transfers to foreign accounts are made via TransferWise and are therefore much cheaper than with traditional commercial banks.

Features of the N26 Business Business Account

A cashback of 0.1 percent is granted on all purchases made with the Business Mastercard. Since it is not possible to have a private and a business account with N26, there is a good alternative. Both private and business expenses are paid through the same account. With Mastercard, all business expenses are paid. If you also want a card for private payments, order the Maestro card in the app. The private costs are then paid via the Maestro card. In this way you benefit from the business and private advantages of the N26 business account. The only important thing is that you mainly use the current account for your business.

Advantages and disadvantages of the N26 Business Business Account

The big advantage of the N26 business account is certainly the slim power spectrum in combination with the low price. If you can reduce the benefits of your business account to a minimum, you will be rewarded with a very attractive price. The sending of push messages in real time and the categorisation of expenses are also interesting features. They help you keep your costs under control and control expenses more easily.

The disadvantage is that it is currently not possible to be a private or business customer at N26. Paying for private expenses with the optional Maestro card is one way to pay for private and business expenses through an account. However, this should only work if you have little to pay privately.

All advantages of the N26 Business Business Account at a glance

  • No account maintenance fee
  • Free payment in any currency
  • Free Business Mastercard
  • 0.1% cashback on all purchases with Business Mastercard
  • Transactions in real time as push message to mobile phone
  • Automatic categorization of all issues
  • Web app and mobile phone app available
  • Export of all transactions as CSV file
  • For private and business use

Open a business account with the N26

The opening of the account is done online, with only a few details. To register, you need to enter your first and last name. This ensures that a freelancer only registers if he/she performs his/her duties in his/her own name. The company name is therefore not visible on the account or on the card. To open an account, all you need is a PC or smartphone and no paper is required.

Conclusion on the N26 Business business account

This business account is ideal for freelancers who focus on the basic services of a current account and want to pay little for them. It is recommended that all private payment transactions be made through a separate account with another bank and not mixed.

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