Holvi Grower

Annual account feeAccount fee
144.00  €
Cash withdrawal
Cash withdrawal note
Cash withdrawal fees are in percentage of amount withdrawn.
2.50 %
  • Bank offers English registration form
  • Incl. Billing functions and Expense Management
  • Accounting Functions Integrated
  • Free of charge Mastercard Credit Card
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Holvi Grower
Grade 1.6
Yearly Fee
14 of 15
Onlinebanking & -fees
22 of 22
Telephonebanking & Offline banking
0 of 6
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Credit Card & Bank Card
7 of 14
Card payments
12 of 20
Mobile payments
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Flexibility of legal types
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Apps, Useraccounts & Deposit Insurance
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Accounting, Billing & other features
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Grade 1.6
Bank Holvi Payment Services Oy
Account name Holvi Grower
Annual account feeAccount fee 144.00 €
Credit interest
Costs & Fees
Annual Fees
Account fee p.a. 144.00 €
Credit card fee p.a. 0.00 €
Transaction fees
Online transactions free of charge p.M. Unlimitiert
Online transactions 0.00 €
Paper transactions
Telephone banking
Payment costs
Credit Card Mastercard
Fees per payment euro zone 0.00 €
Foreign exchange fee 2.00 %
Cash withdrawal costs
Free Withdrawals p.m.
Cash withdrawal (domestic) 2.50 %
Cash withdrawal (euro zone) 2.50 %
Foreign exchange fee 2.50 %
Legal forms
Freelancers & Sole Proprietors
Sole proprietorship
Sole traders
Corporations & Limited Companies
GmbH / KGaA / AG
UG limited liability
Limited (Ltd)
Partnership under civil law
Kommanditgesellschaft (KG)
General partnership
Partnership company (PartG)

Holvi is backed by a financial services provider from Finland that has focused specifically on small and medium-sized enterprises. Holvi has been on the market since 2011 and is enjoying increasing demand not only in Germany but also in other European countries.

Services of the Holvi Grower business account

The Holvi Grower business account is primarily a company account for processing cashless payment transactions. You can choose between online banking and an app for mobile banking. With the help of the integrated IT tool, invoices can be created and monitored automatically. The services include a Business Mastercard as well as an optional online shop.

Who is the Holvi Grower business account suitable for?

With the Grower business account, Holvi primarily addresses freelancers and young companies based in Germany, Austria, Finland and Estonia. In Germany, sole traders, tradesmen and freelancers, managing directors of a pre-GmbH and a GmbH and the shareholders of an entrepreneurial company can open an account. The Grower company account is therefore interesting not only for companies that have already been founded, but also for corporations that have to go through a longer process of formation. These include the limited liability company and the limited liability entrepreneurial company.

Prices and conditions of the Holvi Grower business account

For the Grower business account Holvi charges a basic fee of nine Euros per month. This includes the opening of an account, a Business Mastercard can be issued on request. The IT tool for creating and monitoring invoices is free of charge. Within Europe, unlimited transfers may be received and executed. The withdrawal of cash costs 2.5 percent of the amount withdrawn for each transaction. The scope of services also includes the connection to an online shop. A disposition credit is not granted for the account.

Special features of the Holvi Grower business account

If you want to open a company account with Holvi, you must be a company owner or founder. The company must belong to the account holder himself, it must not be owned by another company.

Another special feature of the Grower account is the optional online shop. If you want to make an online shop available for your company, you use the prepared tool and do not have to create the shop. Every payment transaction in the online shop is saved with all the information required for tax purposes.

The integrated invoice verification program monitors the receivables arising from the sale in the online shop. If a payment is outstanding, the account holder receives a reminder and can initiate the dunning procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Holvi Grower business account

In addition to the unlimited execution of cashless transfers for a small basic fee and the integrated IT tool for invoice verification, the optional online shop is a big plus for customers who want to offer sales via their Internet presence. The shop can be set up with just a few details to save time.

The biggest disadvantage of the business account is certainly that no overdraft facility is set up. This means that temporary payment bottlenecks cannot be bridged. Instead, the account holder must ensure himself that his account has a credit balance. The relatively high fees for withdrawing cash are also disadvantageous if cash is frequently withdrawn from the business account. These costs can be avoided by adding an account with free cash withdrawal to the Holvi Grower business account.

Open a Holvi Grower business account

The Holvi Grower account is opened online. All you need to do is enter your email address, country and business details. Select the Grower account and add your mobile number. The demo account will then be opened. As soon as you have legitimated yourself, the business account will be activated. Depending on the legal form, an identity card, an extract from the commercial register or a certificate of incorporation of your company will suffice. In the process, Holvi points out the necessary documents in a way that is easy to understand.

Conclusion on the Holvi Grower business account

The Holvi Business Account Grower offers everything that young self-employed people need in the first few years after founding. The account is particularly interesting for anyone who wants to provide an online shop or connect an IT tool for auditing invoices. Even more services include the Holvi Grower business account.

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